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Who is Yasemin Ladikli?

Yasemin Ladikli;

After 10 years of experience in many companies, she has been working at her own company, Yasemin Ladikli Interior Design, since 2013. The architect, who has experience in different scales and processes from large-scale projects to interior design, from concept design to implementation, also provides design consultancy and continues his production with a holistic perspective.

She has provided sectoral changes in architectural and design activities in countries such as Qatar, Algeria and Tunisia, especially in Istanbul, and has signed many designs with her team, especially in the designs of cafes and restaurants in the franchise chains.

Architecture is a discipline paired with art, as it dominates the languages of both line and design and creation. Architects, regardless of their artistic talent, come closer to this rank due to the aura of the profession. This is probably a very seductive feeling.

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Muhammed Fındıkoğlu

Muhammed Fındıkoğlu

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